This is a good one

It’s probably pretty obvious that I’m not a republican, and it’s probably equally obvious that I don’t like Ted Cruz. Actually, of all the candidates on the GOP side this election cycle, Cruz is probably the one I can tolerate the least. It’s also important to say, up front, that I really like and respect Hillary Clinton. I was a bit undecided between Sanders and Clinton (and was very sad that O’Malley didn’t do better), but I’ve been leaning pretty strongly toward Hillary for the past few weeks. My mind is rarely made up, I’m always open to new information, and legit evidence of criminal behavior (which, contrary to FoxNews world, doesn’t exist) could certainly change my view. With all that out there: my dislike of Cruz and my support for Clinton, I have to say that the new ad from Cruz is really fun.

For anybody who doesn’t recognize this, it’s a remake of a great scene in a great movie called Office Space. Office space is one of my favorite movies, and Cruz’s tribute to it is perfect. I still despise most of what he stands for. I still think he’s a caricature that he played for so long that it became the real him. But, for this moment, for this ad, I would shake his hand, look him in the eye, and say, “Well done, Senator. Well done.”


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