More lies from FoxNews has a headline story about Trump’s jump in approval. And here is another in the series (see here, and here, and here) about why you should be angry if you get your news from FoxNews: They wrote a headline based on a single poll, from a polling organization that is known to be republican leaning, and there is NOT A JUMP in his numbers when you compare the most recent Rasmussen data with the last poll they reported. In fact, the President’s approval rating is EXACTLY the same as it was in the last Rasmussen poll. Other polls, including one from Gallup that’s as recent as the Rasmussen poll, have his approval where it was before, in the mid-high 30s.

Here’s the WORST part from where I sit: the author/editor KNOWS about the Gallup data. How do I know this? Because it’s mentioned in the story, but the article is still written as if the Rasmussen data were more meaningful than the Gallup data — and the Rasmussen data DO NOT SHOW A JUMP. HIS NUMBERS ARE UNCHANGED SINCE THE LAST RASMUSSEN POLL!!!

FoxNews is cherry picking to paint a story. If you believe that story, you are are being tricked. If you know that FoxNews does this, and you still rely on them for news, then you must enjoy being played the fool for some reason or another. I find that strange, but each to his own I guess. There are people who enjoy lots of stuff that I don’t. Maybe there’s some play-the-fool fetish that runs through FoxNews viewers.

Here’s the misleading FoxNews article.…/trumps-approval-rating-up-after-to…

Polling data are in the link below (the RCP link will be updated regularly, so for all I know, Trump could be at 95% by the time anybody sees this).



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