Contrarian nation

I don’t know if we’ve always been this way, and social media is making it more obvious, but we seem to have become a nation of contrarians. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I think it can be counter-productive at time, and certainly breeds misdirected anger. This may not be news to anybody, but it feels new to me. I spent some time this weekend listening to a family member rant about a couple of things this weekend…things that the internet seems to be ranting about also. Why can’t men and women just use the “right” bathrooms? Why didn’t they shoot the kid instead of the gorilla? On the first one, it was pretty clear that this family member thought that trans women should use the women’s room, and that trans men should use the men’s room, and that it was just a gut reaction to be angry and argumentative for no good reason. The gorilla thing is an other story, that probably makes this feeling I have stronger.

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Uh oh, google often makes us more productive…but sometimes less.

This is not a good thing for my increasingly long list of fun things to do while procrastinating.

So far I’ve learned that a 100-count string of Christmas lights uses 40 watts while a 70 count of 5 mm Wide Angle LEDs is approximately 4.8 watts total, that you can freeze shredded cheddar cheese, that the word “Chai” comes from the Persian chay which originated from the Cantonese Chinese word for tea, cha, that the youngest Prime Minister of India wsaa 40 years old (Rajiv Gandhi), and that cassowaries cannot fly, but they can run 31 miles per hour and jump up to 5 feet in the air.

Of course, I then had to see what a cassowary looks like.

Back to work now.

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And it begins…

I am not consumed by delusions of grandeur. I doubt anybody (except maybe my wife…and mom) will read anything I post here, but I need an outlet, and FaceBook just ain’t cutting it anymore. I need a place where I can pick at ideas, without being that guy; the one who writes more than anybody is willing to read in a post. I’m sure I’ll still do that from time to time, but maybe this will help exorcize the demons that make it impossible for me to walk away from a discussion until I’ve explored every angle possible. So here I am, hitting bregma, metaphorically. A smack on the top of the noggin to cure what ails me. Let’s see if it works.