View from my window

Andrew Sullivan’s the Dish was one of my favorite parts of the internet for a long time. A regular feature was the “view from my window” that had photos taken, obviously, from a window somewhere in the world. I liked this feature, among many other things the blog had, and I’m stealing it as the ultimate flattery. Because the site is no longer active, I don’t feel as bad about this intellectual theft as I would otherwise.

Here is today’s view, complete with very large snowflakes:


Changing how we elect our presidents

Elections like this, and like the election in 2000, when the popular vote winner is not the same as the electoral vote winner, make people stop and think about the system we have. I have had quite a few discussions about this over the past month, and I am moved by the arguments in favor of the electoral college. Some say it’s antiquated, and that it was a system designed to give more power to states with high slave populations, but without giving slaves the right to vote. True or not, I accept the premise of why the electoral college is important today: it gives a voice to the small states, and helps make sure they are heard. This has been spun as a benefit to republicans, but the evidence supporting that isn’t very strong.

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