History is being made, and we’re ignoring it

My wife gets the bulk of the credit for this one. It’s her astute observation, not mine. I hate to say that I didn’t even notice it, perhaps blind by my comfortable seat in the world. We are on the cusp of a real historical event: the election of the first woman as President of the United States. The election is marred by an awful tone, but I think that’s been true any time in our past that barriers were broken. When Jackie Robinson broke the race barrier in baseball, it was an open invitation for some of the worst parts of America to come out and make their voices heard. We’re seeing plenty of that these days, emboldened by the candidate the GOP primary voters picked to face off against Hillary in the election; a person who couldn’t be more opposite her in many ways, including his sex and gender. On the brink of this historical event (one that is not yet certain, but odds remain quite good), where are the stories of how much this means to people? The answer: they’re out there, but they aren’t easy to find.

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